Operation Cheftovers

I hate wasting food.  But my husband is a leftover snob.  It’s a rare day when he’ll take leftovers to the office for lunch the next day.  Good thing for both of us, and our two children, that I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

For years now, I’ve been developing my skills as a home cook and flexing my creative culinary muscles by making good use of what we have leftover, extra, scraps, staple pantry items and a few luxury ingredients that I love working with.  Thus “Cheftovers” was born.  I’ve become quite adept at repurposing last night’s dinner, or party leftovers and disguising it as something different and delicious.

I’m by no means a chef.  I have no training, aside from a handful of recreational cooking classes.  And I don’t intend to provide precise recipes.  After all, you’re not supposed to by buying what goes into these dishes, but magically whipping them up from what you’ve already got in your fridge.

“Cheftovers” is about ideas and inspiration based on what you have on hand.  Some are make ahead sauces and sides that will make your evening easier when you get home from work.  Some make use of garden items for the times when you’ve got tomatoes or parsley for days!  And some are kid-centric.

I invite you to check out what I’m serving, and contribute with your own ideas, photos and questions.  Let’s eat!


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