Ears of corn coming out of my ears

It’s tailgating season!  And if you’re lucky, there’s still time to grill out if the weather permits.  In my experience, where there’s a grill…there’s usually corn on the cob.  It’s an abundant, inexpensive crowd pleaser.  Who can resist the “6 for $2.00” sign in the produce section?  Not this girl.  But even if it is cheap and leftover, I hate to waste it.

At a recent football watch party my husband and I hosted, we cast a wide net and invited a ton of people…figuring that between previous commitments, nap times and conflicting NFL alliances, we’d only get like a 50% positive RSVP.  Wrong.  For the first time in my frequent party-hosting history, everyone was replying “yes” to my Evite.  Gratefully, we have gracious and generous friends who all chipped in to contribute to the menu and the cooler.

But when the heartbreaker of a game was over and the dishes were done, we still had a staggering 20 cobs of corn leftover.  Time to get to work.

I started with the easy and obvious.  I whipped up some jalapeno corn muffins using some corn muffin mix I had in the pantry, enhanced with some whole corn kernels and chopped jalapenos.  (Excess from my favorite cook-out app: jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon)

Then I cobbled together a quick black bean salsa, which can also double as a quesadilla filling.  I grabbed a can of black beans and a can diced tomatoes, two items I always keep in the pantry as must-haves.  To that, I added some diced red onion and plenty of fresh lime juice.  (But lime juice in one of those lime-shaped squeeze bottles will also do.  Not a bad idea to have that and a lemon juice one around in the fridge) I finished it off with some fresh cilantro from my garden.  Voila.

What I was really excited to execute was a thick and hearty corn chowder.  I started with the holy trinity: carrots, celery and onion.  I was feeling particularly ambitious, so I made fresh corn broth using the cobs and water.  If you aren’t up for it, or don’t have time, use vegetable stock.  I added some peeled, chopped and cooked potatoes, then poured in several cobs worth of corn kernels.   I finished it off with a combination of half and half, and whole milk….also things I always have on hand.   Finally, I seasoned it with salt and pepper and let it thicken up.  It was satisfying and seasonal.  Also, freezes well.

Now, what have you ended up with, post-party, that you’d like to repurpose?  Let’s get cooking!


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