Quick Flips

So if you haven’t heard what “Cheftovers” is all about yet…let me enlighten you.  “Cheftovers” is about ideas and inspiration.  I’m not here to provide step-by-step, measured recipes.  Instead I’m here to share ways in which you can make best use of leftovers and excess.  I hate wasting food.  And since we’re dealing with leftovers, it wouldn’t be practical or applicable to say: “Add 1 cup of X, and 1 tablespoon of Y.”  Because, you don’t necessarily have those things.  Instead, I’m showing you what I’m creating with what what I’ve got, and I invite you to experiment too.

leftover bread

This week I’m sharing some “Quick flips.”  They are creations and recipes that require little more than a bit of imagination.  For starters, let’s talk stale bread.  I know, I know…it’s a very sexy topic.  But after gatherings, there can often be quite a bit leftover (buns, rolls, etc).  I always freeze leftover hot dog or sausage buns, but if I’m being honest…I rarely end up using them.  More often I  am just delaying the act of throwing them out.  So here are a couple of uses that, to me, are more tasty and useful than freezing bread until you might use again.


Croutons:  They are a “Quick flip” because all you have to do it cut them into small cubes about 1×1 inch, toss them in some olive oil and spices, then bake them at a high heat until they’re toasted and crispy.  (it honestly depends on the size of the croutons you’ve cut and the heat of you oven)  It’s much healthier than fried croutons and I chew every bite of my salad with a level of obnoxious satisfaction, like “Yeah, I made these!”

salad with croutons

Bread crumbs:  I use bread crumbs several times a week.  Having home made ones are just better.  I put them in meatballs, bread chicken for Chicken Parmesan or coat fish with them, add it to meatloaf…you name it.  Just cube your leftover bread/buns/rolls, and then pulse them in a food processor, along with spices (I prefer oregano, basil, s/p, garlic powder, onion powder…just a dash of each) until it crumbles up.  Spread the mix in a thin layer on a baking sheet and put it in the oven at about 350 until they’re toasted.  Shouldn’t take long.

chicken parmasean


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