Six Shooter Coffee: Brewing a fine neighborhood blend

If you’ve noticed some enticing smells coming from the Waterloo area lately, you’ve got Six Shooter Coffee to thank.  The new coffee shop opened at 16021 Waterloo Road this past weekend, and because of them the neighborhood is actually buzzing now.  They aim to further the coffee culture in Ohio through their locally micro-roasted beans.  Barista, I’ll have another!     

I stopped in this weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find the place already a neighborhood favorite, busy, and working like a well-oiled espresso maker. Here’s a bit of my Q&A with proprietor, Pete Brown.

Jen: What’s your background and experience in the industry?

Pete: I got my first coffee shop job when I was 16. And I have worked in different coffee shops in different cities ever since then. I didn’t really start to become aware of roasting until I worked at Stauf’s in Columbus in 2013. So I’ve been in the industry for a decade and been learning about roasting for about 3 years. Sarah (manager) and my wife, Tara, have also been in the industry for around a decade, so we have a ton of experience between all of us.

 Jen: Why Waterloo? What do you see for the future of this neighborhood?
Pete: I chose Waterloo because I wanted to do something bigger than coffee. I have a degree in education because I’ve always wanted to be a part of a community and something positive. Waterloo and Collinwood afforded me that opportunity. We are hiring people from the neighborhood and people from LEAP in an effort to affect positive change. In the not so distant future I see a total revitalization of Waterloo and E. 185th. These will have an immense impact on the entire Collinwood community. 
six shooter menu
Jen:  What will you offer? How about your specialties?
Pete: We have three things that I think are pretty special. We will have 46&2 hopped coffee on tap. We will also have Bearded Buch Kombucha on tap. We also feature a Cuban espresso. It’s just sugar and espresso, but it’s delicious and not many companies feature it.
Jen: What can you tell me about your beans and how they’re roasted/prepared? 
Pete: Our beans are from all over the world. We have specific countries and farms that we source them from. However, coffee is just like any other crop, so our offerings will always be changing. When I roast the beans I just try to roast in such a way that accentuates the origin. In essence it is somewhat like wine where territory is a huge part of the flavor profile.
Jen: Where else can people get your coffee?
Pete: Our coffee can be found at the Good to Go Cafes (those are Downtown and in Tremont), The Grocery OHC (Lorain Ave.), The Local and Slow Train (Oberlin), Wash Perk (Denver, CO) and Athens Uncorked (Athens, OH). We also sell coffee at the Crocker Park Farmers Market and Platform Beer Co. on Lorain Ave. has a Brewers coffee with 6SC on Tap.
six shooter pastries
Jen: What kind of food accompaniment will you serve? And from what vendors?
Pete: We will have fruit, yogurt and granola, muffins, cookies, bagels, strudel, bread, and cookie dough balls. The bagels are from Cleveland Bagel. The bread and cookie dough balls are from Poison Berry. The strudel is from Lucy’s Sweet Surrender. All of these are local people. The rest of our stuff is from the grocery store on Instant Whip Akron.
Jen: Who are your customers?
Pete: Our customers are everyone! We have people from the neighborhood, and we have people coming in from Hinckley, Oberlin, Westlake, etc. It’s incredibly humbling seeing all of the support.
Once the weather breaks they’re even planning a weekly cigar club for those who are so inclined.
Six Shooter is located a stone’s throw from the E. 156th St. exit of the East Shoreway.  If you’re passing by, in the neighborhood, or even if you’re not…it’s worth stopping in.  And if you’re a native to the Waterloo area, this should be welcomed news that people are investing again, creating again and continuing to breathe life into this revitalized area.  You can support and sample Six Shooter Coffee online.  They ship their beans! Shop here.

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