Flour Pasta Company

You may not know it, if you have lived in Cleveland most of your life, but it’s very hard to get quality pasta like the kind we are accustomed to, outside the 216.  It’s legit, people.  And now, you can also get high-end fresh pasta at your local grocer.  One of my favorite restaurants in town, Flour, and a pair of my favorite chefs, Paul Minnillo and Matt Mytro are teaming up to expand into the retail and wholesale world with Flour Pasta Company. Carb addicts, rejoice!  

Up til now, Mytro and Minnillos’s pasta has been made by hand or machine assisted.  But they purchased an extruder about two years ago, which rocked their world and inspired them to take their past making to the next level.

What’s the difference?  Bronze, people, bronze.  Teflon dies provide more consistency, but create a “shield” on the noodle which repels the sauce.  But the bronze cut pastas better absorb the savory sauce.  I want in on something like that, don’t you?  Now they are full steam ahead, making Tagliatelli, Bucatini, Gnocchi Sardi (pictured below), Garganelli (like penne), Spaghetti, and Rustic fusilli (exclusive to the whole sale line).

Right now they are producing their pasta at the restaurant. One person inside their operation, Dennis Derganc, is dedicated to this production.  He’s kind of a pasta ninja.  He arrives at 4am, mixes the dough in the extruder and cuts it to fill their wholesale orders in places like Detroit, Chicago and Anabor.  But as of now, you can also get it at Reiders.  Excellent news!


Mytro tells me they are also working aggressively to get it on more store shelves locally. They’re  currently making about 50 lbs per day, all fresh, and refridgerated. Eventually the goal is to have a drying room, to box and sell their pasta online.

Flour Pasta Company is distributing through Euro Imports, and has been for last six months. Their competition is Ohio City Pasta, which provides a lot of flavored noodles, but not the same variety of cuts.  And looking ahead, Flour Pasta Company will be a part of the upcoming Food Hall (selling pasta in a kiosk), which is a intregrel part of the new Van Aken development, coming in 2018.  


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