Cocktail Time at Capital Grille

Spend any given evening with me and you’ll find out how ritualistic we are about cocktail hour at our house. We shake, or stir, sip and snack. We decompress, check in and unwind. So I truly appreciate the new Cocktail Time menu now available at The Capital Grille.

I was recently invited by the team from their Legacy Village location to sample some of the offerings they’ll have at the bar and lounge between 4 and 7pm.

capital grill charcuterie

I started with one of their bottled cocktails, The Churchill, a bourbon based drink with lemon juice and hibiscus honey syrup. Yowza, they aren’t shy with the booze. And I wasn’t complaining. It had been a long day. Then we snacked on some tasty charcuterie, including some Grana Padano cheese–decadent.

Then we moved on to a handful their “hands on” menu items, like their candied bacon cheeseburger sliders and the mini tenderloin sliders. Both were perfectly cooked and were generous sizes. With those I tried the Gallery Row Cabernet Sauvignon, velvet smooth and satisfying, especially for $8 a glass.

capital grill oysters.jpg

The stand outs among the food we tried, though, were the Oysters Casino and the Korean Fried Chicken Sliders. The oysters were incredibly tender despite being cooked. And the texture was great, not off-putting to even those at the table who don’t usually indulge in them.

capital grille korean chicken

And the chicken slider had just the right amount of kick and sweetness. The chef said beware, however, as the gojuchang they use is different every bottle or batch they work with. So it could have more heat, or more sweetness depending on the day.

I look forward to warmer weather when we can even enjoy these heavy apps out on the patio.  The full Cocktail Time menu also includes Lollipop Lamb Chops, Pan fried Calamari, Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella and Tuna Tartare.  They range in price from $9 for a trio of oysters, $10-12 for two of the sliders, or $18-19 for the lamb and tuna.

Check it out sometime and tell me what you think!


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