Five great gadgets for your summer herbs

Fresh summer herbs are a coveted commodity.  And they make everything and anything taste better.  Since last week’s post about my favorite new gadgets for summer was so well-received, I’ve decided to do this “gadget thing” regularly.  This week, I went hunting for 5 great gadgets to help you best use the herbs you’re growing or bringing home from the market.

 herb keeper

1. Cuisipro Herb Keeper  This gadget not only stores and preserves your snipped herbs, it also promises to keep asparagus longer. (I hate when pricey stuff like that goes bad quickly)
Product description also says it’ll fit in most refrigerator doors.  It retails on Amazon for $22.95, and comes in a compact version.
2. Artland Press and Measure Glass Herb with Oil Infuser  Those who own and reviewed it say it’s a quality product, easy to use and effective.  Think of the tasty salad dressings and marinades you could make using this!  I. WANT. IT.  It sells on Amazon for $15.80.
herbcicle (2)
3. Herbcicle Frozen Herb Keeper  (this link even has a how-to video for herbal novices!)  Now, THIS looks cool.  According to the manufacturer,, you just fill the unit up with leafy green herbs, then twist the top on tight, pop it in the freezer and hours later you’ve got frozen herbs at your disposal.  You can use a knife to cut off the desired amount, or grate directly into food.  It sells for $7.99 on Amazon.   
herb stripper
4. Chef’n Herb stripper  Nothing annoys me more than stripping rosemary stems, or thyme leaves.  So tedious.  This guy will do it for you, for $7.99 (on Amazon).  The vessel will even measure them for you as it collects.  And it has four different sized holes to accommodate any variety of woody, stemmed herb. Clever.
herb chopper
5. Chef’n Herb’n Shears Herb Chopper and Bamboo Bowl Set.  I love a quick chop on something rough like rosemary (after you use the stripper!) I also discovered that someone at the company is also a fellow blogger, using videos to demo their products.  This one is on sale at for $14.99.